About Me

My name is Erik. Deep rooted in photography since 1998 when I inherited a Pentax K1000 film camera with a cracked telephoto and "inexpensive" prime lenses. From that day on the camera and I were best of buds.

Fast forward to college, well and about 12 pocket cameras, when I met my best friend and fellow photographer Jon. Amateur hour quickly became a career which soon became a passion for excellence.

What many don't realize is photography is 60% artistic eye, 20% knowing how to use the equipment, and 30% personality. If you have the right personality and a love for what you do, you can become a successful photographer.

Living in Vermont for over 20 years I've grown to love Vermonters & New Englanders. They'll open their homes, their lives, their hearts to strangers, tell you stories that never end. As an extrovert, I love this!

My goal isn't to just be your photographer, it's to become a trusted ally, someone you know will capture your unbelievable moments, or maybe your beautiful home, or quite possibly your professional portrayal, and masterfully present them to the world.

I would love to meet you, for nothing less than to say hello and get to know you.