Have you heard of Moo?

Moo Box

A few days ago I was super excited to get my brand new business cards from Moo.com in the mail. Not only do they look beautiful but they came in these perfectly elegant boxes sealed with wax and stamp.

Moo cards do cost a bit more than the every day business cards but when you’re not an everyday business why would you advertise yourself with everyday cards? I wanted my cards to reflect who I am as a photographer and person. I wanted to express my fun loving nature and easy going approach to photography while maintaining a very serious care for what I do and what I deliver. Moo captured all of these attributes with some of their awesome features.

You might ask why I’m promoting a vendor, no I’m not getting a deal or some sort of promotion for writing this blog post, I like to share when I find something great, and Moo’s just that, something great! I also wanted to promote a great company that works closely with my business clients to promote their identity, Local Brew Digital.

Moo Seal

Based in Saint Albans Vermont Local Brew Digital has been promoting small businesses since 2016. How do I know so much about Local Brew Digital?… Because I’m one of the two awesome people you work with when you work with Local Brew! We specialize in getting small businesses the large corporation experience on a limited budget. From brand identity to logos and fonts, from promotional materials to web presence, social media to Google Ads, and everything in between and beyond. I’m writing this short promo up here because we LOVE to work with Moo when creating a business’s identity just for it’s shear number of creative options that allow us to be limitless in our designs.


Whether you work with us, work with another design firm, or do it yourself I strongly recommend visiting Moo.com to learn more about these creative & awesome business cards.