As a photographer, of 10+ years, I believe in my work and how my work captures your special moments in life. You're hiring me because you must be present in those moments and not holding up a camera to capture them. You hire me because you need your moments captured in a way that tells the story.

If you've ever read national geographic or even browsed through a news channel you notice their photos tell a story. That's how I like to capture my clients' work every day. Your moments are more than just a wedding, or a birthday, or selling a home, or advertising a business; your moments matter to you, which is why the story must matter too. Photojournalistic photography isn't just for the new media, it's for any moment you're capturing.

I named this section "words" because it's just that, words. These words are backed by experience, care, and passions that drive me to do right when I've done wrong and to always improve when I've learned something new.


Much like a beautiful picture will capture the essence of the moment, your actions must capture the nature of your words. It's without these actions we can't prove ourselves as legitimate photographers, friends, and trusted individuals.

My actions must stand up to the words I've used, and my words must match my actions. That's why I have a guarantee on my work if it's not what you expected I will work tirelessly to make it meet your standards and expectations.

Actions & Words are what Matters

I will always promise to make my actions match my words, and the words I use will always be backed by action. It's with this standard I challenge every photographer to stand out, stand up, and believe in their clients as more than just clients, but friends and acquaintances who have hired us to capture their important moments in a way that they feel supported and significant.