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Everyone says "it's your special day" and though I don't disagree with that sentiment, I feel like it's been overused a bit. Let's not sugar coat anything, it's your amazing, spectacular, grand, day and no one, not even Uncle Bob with all his funny anecdotes is going to steal the spotlight!

Make this day truly about you. I promise to be hired as a vendor but leave as a friend. I promise not to get in front of gramma while she's tearing up to the "I dos" but to still capture that first kiss as a joined couple.

Most importantly I promise to capture the moment you'll treasure most that day to enjoy for as long for a lifetime and beyond.

I do have a photographer assistant I bring to most shoots to speed up formals so you can get to the fun reception sooner. They'll also be there to help shoot in different spots around the ceremony, because face it, I haven't figured out how to clone myself...yet.


Wedding Package

Starting from $2400

1 or 2 Photographers
8-10 Hours of Photography
Getting Ready through Dancing and everything in between.